Thursday, March 3, 2011

nothing's ever gonna make me plan tomorrow

first off, let me say that jonthan richman did a cartwheel on tuesday night.

jonathan richman

the show was great, as usual (though jonathan seemed a litttttle off, maybe melancholy or something? i know that sounds hilarious because i'm talking about jonathan richman, but... not his usual melancholy), and he really warmed up toward the end of the night. he did two encores and played a good mix of new songs and old songs (assuming that the songs i didn't recognize are all new, which is a pretty fair assumption). the highlight for me was definitely the very extended version of "when we refuse to suffer". his sincerity and weirdness are like.. the best thing in the universe.

incidentally, the show was the longest i've stood up in about a month. it was really rough at first and my leg actually went numb- i thought i was going to have to sit down or go home or something, but after about an hour, the pain passed... and my back feels better now than it has in weeks. i still can't really bend over and certain movements will catch me off guard, but i feel like... 75% better.

oh. i forgot to upload that jonathan richman solo mix. i'll do that when i get home.

i had a doctor's appointment yesterday and took the afternoon off after that, and ended up going to the green line for a few hours to read and work on some work stuff. i ended up running into my old buddy eric, who talked to me about:

- his cat
- making animated gifs
- skateboarding
- stephen belafonte (a guy he grew up with who dated someone in the belafonte family, changed HIS last name to belafonte, and married scary spice?)

stephen belafonte

i'm sort of frustrated at work right now. i was out for like nine million days because of my back (and a week's vacation before that), and i'm super behind on everything, and i keep getting new projects dumped on me. someone is quitting (more power to her, i would not blame anyone who isn't on my team for quitting) and i have to take something of hers over that is going to be confusing and annoying for me. and will also require me to wear nice clothing occasionally and rub elbows and crap. ugh.

in other news, that cat still hates me. he spends a lot of time hanging out on my bed with me, and occasionally approaches me to be petted (or pets himself on me), and after 30 seconds he's still like I CANNOT FUCKING BELIEVE WE HAVE TO GO OVER THIS AGAIN. he does have a cool snaggle tooth though:


i worked out cat food costs (based on 3/4 a cup of dry food and 2 pouches a day for pizza, and 2 cans a day for roxy jr.) and ended up with $150/month. that seems kind of insane? my grocery bill/food bill for myself for a month is like $120-$140 and that includes eating out and stuff. i guess there's two of them and one of me, but between them they weigh like under 30 lbs. and that's not even factoring in stuff like flea medicine and litter !!!!


i have a meeting right now, but i'll write you guys something good tomorrow.


  1. Can you buy the pouches in bulk and get them cheaper? We can totally solve this.

  2. i looked on amazon.. the pouches are EXACTLY the same price when bought in bulk !!! the cans may work out to be slightly cheaper

  3. That's absurd!!!! I'll see if I can find you coupons.

  4. is part of roxy jr.'s ear gone? He is so unique!

  5. yes, he used to be a feral cat and they eartip ferals who have been fixed already !

  6. How does one "used" to be a feral cat? Is that maybe why he's so cranky?

  7. I have that same thought with my dudes. Granted, I have more than 2 but every once in a while I'm like, "Wow, do you know how much money I'd have if your stuff was free?!" But of course that's ridiculous because they're the best things I spend money on so I can't be bitter.

    I also have a former-borderline-feral with an eartip now. I feel like it was only a matter of tiiiime and after all my time with ferals now I'm more legit or something? (My 1-toothed feral was, indeed, quite feral when I got him dumped on me but he was never eartipped.)

  8. Not that we shouldn't be bitter about it. You know what I mean. I get over it quickly but I have the same thoughts. I'm just lucky enough to have a salary that can handle feeding a small sanctuary o' cats. It's late and I'm still at work and I need to not try to communicate to anyone right now!