Tuesday, November 30, 2010

i will follow you into the dark

mannnn. not sure how to start this entry, because i really don't want to write it, but weirdo's kidney's failed suddenly on sunday and she had to be put to sleep. she was fine on saturday- playful and energetic and annoying and cute, but she didn't finish her dinner. on sunday morning when i left, she was playful but sleepy (kitten attacked my hand when i petted her goodbye), and on sunday evening when i came home, she was completely lethargic and her gums were white. i didn't notice anything strange at first because she was kind of a little floppy noodle cat when she was tired anyway, but after about a half hour of that, we started to get worried.

mouse dropped me off at the emergency vet, and they took her right back. the first time the vet talked to me, we talked about what i should feed her when i got home (i transitioned her to regular cat food, but they suggested i keep her on kitten food for awhile), and then she went to check her bloodwork results. when she came back, she was carrying a box of tissues.

the last picture i took of her

the vet said that it looked like she had congenital kidney problems and at that point, she was so sick that there was nothing she could do. christina came and met me there, and we got to say goodbye to her (and sob and use the entire fucking box of tissues) and hold her and pet her and tell her how much everyone loved her. i had to hold her while she was put to sleep, and she went in about ten seconds.

this... fucking sucks? i don't really know how else to talk about it. i really, really, really miss her and i hate that this happened. like, on saturday specifically i was thinking about what she'd be like when she grew up- any time i picked her up and rested her head on my chest she'd fall asleep, and i was wondering if she'd still do that when she was big.

bleh. what a great little friend.

p.s. christina has been really amazing throughout all of this- i know she loved weirdo just as much as me, but she's been super supportive and great and funny and caring. she also made a donation to citykitties in weirdo's name.
p.p.s. i had a great thanksgiving weekend filled with terrific people who love me and weird stuff and maybe i'll write about that later this week. right now i'm pretty bummed.


  1. I just cried at my desk. Again!
    RIP Weirdo. I never met ye, but i'll miss ye.

    Christina is the best. You're the best.
    Thank god you have Pizza to make you smile. I mean that in both ways. Pizza.. and pizza.


  2. hey.. I'm so sorry about this and haven't been able to find the words, or post the pics I took of weirdo on Thursday. sandi and I were in tears when we got the message. and again now. weirdo couldn't have asked for a better home or a better chance at making it and I'm so happy that I got to meet her. my hands are still covered in little scratches.

    my sincerest condolences to you, Christina and Pizza


  3. thanks, guys :( nick, i'm so glad you guys got to meet her before she went.


    like, on saturday specifically i was thinking about what she'd be like when she grew up

    me too, man! when you posted a picture of her getting bigger i kept wondering if she still fit in a peanut butter pretzel bag.

    xoxox sorry roxy <3 <3 <3

  5. Oh man. I feel so badly for you and tiny poor Weirdo. I am so sorry. Hopefully you can take some solace in that you were with her to her very end - no matter how premature it was. I'm sure she felt very loved. She was lucky to have you, Roxy! xoxo

  6. Oh, I'm so sorry to hear about Weirdo. She was so lucky to have people who loved her so much to be with her until the end. Hugs to you!

  7. Roxy, I'm so sorry for the loss. I'm sure Weirdo really loved and enjoyed her time with you and Christina and Pizza.

    My condolences to you guys.

  8. I've been thinking about this nonstop but not wanting to bring it up because I can only imagine how painful it is. I'm so sorry this happened, and I'm keeping you and Christina and Pizza in my thoughts. xoforever.

  9. Dude, this ripped a little piece of my heart out. I'm so sorry. :[