Thursday, November 4, 2010

know that i'm important in your life

seriously next week i'm gonna stop drinking so much coffee because i want coffee all the time and my mouth always tastes like shit anddddddddd i spend $4-$16 a fucking day on coffee !

the only reason i'm updating my blog today is because i have a research proposal and a paper to write today, as well as a chapter and the rest of my stalin book to read. i woke up at 6am today intending to study, but instead i laid in bed for an hour watching rancid and no doubt videos and stewing about what posers they are. i don't have much to say about rancid besides the fact that they're nerds and i'm embarrassed for them, but seriously like... gwen stefani is such a pud. i cannot stand the awkwardness of that album being all about her mooning over SOMEONE IN THE BAND. why was everyone afraid to tell them that that was weird and that it made everyone uncomfortable??? i'm convinced that the only reason that they sold all those albums is because everyone was too wimpy to tell them that. i've never met a single person who ever liked no doubt but i think my friend type might be "people who never liked no doubt".

green day
this was NEVER cool

not much going on this week besides studying. i've been at the green line basically every day, and i haven't made that much headway. i'm pretty behind in my writing class, but i had a good meeting with my professor and i'm feeling more confident. i know i'm a decent writer, but the critical writing program here is super fucking rigid and we have to follow pretty asinine guidelines (written by a person who legitimately, from her instructions, appears to be some kind of rude maniac?) and i was worried that i was failing to follow the guidelines. i was at ease during the meeting though because the basement of van pelt library is infested with mice so i got to look at a bunch of cool mice during the meeting !


what else? blehhh i upgraded my cellphone. after breaking three blackberries and not being eligible for an upgrade, i got an iphone 3G for $99 (since they were trying to get rid of them) a couple of years ago. i basically hated it the entire time and it became basically non-functional when the iphone 4 upgrades came out. i figured i would always like, get some other phone when it was time to get a new phone- i used paul's droid thing in california and it was awesome ! buttttttt i ended up getting an iphone 4 and it's actually a decent phone so far. maybe it's just because my phone has been non-functional since the summer so this seems great in comparison, though. whatever, i feel like a disgusting yuppie asshole jerk and i am ashamed that i have a phone that a poor child probably assembled. what apps should i get?

iphone 4
i'm being flippant but i really hate that it's 2010 and i'm posting in a blog about iphones

i also don't want to make this a list of stuff i bought but i got a necklace on etsy made of a deer's rib from a found carcass, and i've had the most annoying conversations about it at work.

deer rib

everyone keeps saying that it's "sad"? like, i guess it's technically sad that everything on earth doesn't live forever, but like... all of them eat meat? how is that less sad than acknowledging the fact that animals having skeletons ! i am so insulated by my social circle that i always feel like a fucking teenager at work when anything related to animals and vegetarianism comes up. it is so fucking bizarre to be almost 30 years old and still have to have this conversation or have people who are 30+ years old be like, "MMMM MEAT I COULD NEVER BE VEGETARIAN OH SORRY I'M EATING MEAT ARE YOU OFFENDED WHY ARE YOU VEGETARIAN IS THAT VEGETARIAN??? WHAT'S IN THAT??? MMMMM MEAT" to me. i'm not offended by people eating meat. i do not care that other people eat meat. i do not want to have philosophical conversations about not eating meat. but anyway, no, my deer rib necklace isn't sad, it makes me look like a cool witch. and not a fucking wiccan, a witch ! fuck you !

this is the worst blog entry i've ever written. back to JSTOR or what the fuck ever.


  1. I guarantee that all the women you work with only eat boneless, skinless chicken breasts. Its not any better where I work, just different. Since I work with "foodies" at the farmers market, I brought a pop-tart into work and people kept making comments about the industrial food system to me and how good "whole foods" are for you. I'm a full time employee and full time-student, assholes! Sometimes I like to have cookies for dinner too!

  2. also.. pop tarts are fucking good ! office culture and communal lunches are such a disgusting breeding ground for all of the insidious and fucked up shit women have been forced to listen to and adhere to and believe all our lives + the utter lack of nutritional education in america. everyone i work with eats lean cuisines and then binges on any kind of free food we get and then they say things about themselves and their bodies that i wouldn't even think about my worst enemy, let alone say.

    blehhhhh life ! you motherfuckers are sadder than an entire rack of deer ribs ! fuck you !

    - teen roxy

  3. You mean we didn't learn anything about nutrition in Mrs. Mims class?

  4. what i learned in mrs. mims' class:
    - kidney stones look like nerds
    - how to make a model of my teeth. well, not MY teeth, but if an existing mold for teeth exists, i can put plaster in it and make a model of THOSE teeth.
    - the plot of 'animal farm'
    - don't take a bag of fast food if they touch the bag with the hand they took your money with
    - baked potatoes covered in cheese and taco meat is an acceptable meal

  5. i've never met a single person who ever liked no doubt but i think my friend type might be "people who never liked no doubt". - same here, i heard their first single so many god damn times when i was young that i could whistle or sing the guitar parts like a pro.

    no, my deer rib necklace isn't sad, it makes me look like a cool witch. and not a fucking wiccan, a witch ! fuck you ! - fuck yes! i love this! i have a necklace my mom made when she was 9 and everytime i wear it i feel like i have magical powers. not really, but you know what i mean. i wore it yesterday and will post pics later.

  6. maybe if you turned the deer rib upside down so it looks like a smile people won't be so sad about it.

  7. elizabeth, i cannot WAIT to see that necklace ! that sounds really fucking cool. i always think maybe i was 'too old' for no doubt, but i was in like.. tenth grade when they came out? eleventh grade? and i remember looking down my nose at people who were into no doubt, like 'oh, how cute'. haha.

    peggy, excellent idea ! what's happier than a bone smile !

  8. it's your fault for reminding them that animals have bones and die, roxy. ignorance is bliss! quit ruining their enjoyment of 5 processed meat sponge squares encased in a liquid salt lick for lunch!

  9. Yeah when you said that people think it's "sad" I thought you meant because it was frown shape. And hey, that was not the worst entry you've written, it was lovely. I'm having a dumb day, it helped ;D

  10. "i always feel like a fucking teenager at work when anything related to animals and vegetarianism comes up"

    fuckin SERIOUSLY.

  11. did you tell them the deer died of a broken heart?