Thursday, February 24, 2011

oh god, i'm the worst

i already forgot i was doing this again !!!!

i'm updating my blog from home, which i basically never do because i'm a total baby about typing long blocks of text on my laptop at home? i only really enjoy typing sitting up at a desk, and i uh, don't want to clear my desk off enough to put my computer on it.

speaking of that, i'm going to do some cleaning tonight to get ready for my new cat. i haven't been able to move in quite awhile because of this back thing, and my bedroom is a disaster- my clothes are wherever they landed when i struggled out of them and everything i've dropped in the past 2-3 weeks has stayed where it landed. plus i went on vacation in january and haven't unpacked my suitcase.

i started by taking down our christmas tree when i got home. well, sort of- i can't physically move the tree, but i took down the ornaments and lights and packed them up. i loved having it up, but immediately after bringing it indoors in december i discovered that i am horribly allergic to christmas trees. i was miserable for a few weeks and then it leveled off, but tonight (when the branches were breaking off and the needles were falling everywhere) it came back full force. lord. i feel like my head is stuffed with cotton. mouse came over to keep me company and entertain me and he got stuck taking the lights off of the tree. i did let him watch my expensive cable though (we saw an episode of 'good times' that confused both of us a lot).


this is my first week back at work after being out forever and ever, and it was pretty rough. i did non-standard hours most days so i could catch up without having everyone in my face, and that worked out okay. my sleep schedule is so screwed up from back pain/back pain medicine/no morning obligations so i've felt like a zombie all day. also i think i'm going blind from pain or medication, based on the fact that my vision was blurry today. i mean, other than that, i'm doing okay, but i'm definitely a cranky zombie who is going to blind and is going to die of blindness and pain.


maybe i'm being melodramatic. i have to keep in mind that being in pain and being stuck laying on my side on my couch with my cat walking on my face, watching the food network, was actually worse than going to work (i love my job and my team but i hate like, putting real clothes on and sitting in an office all day).

hey, it turns out that i spent like two hours procrastinating about writing this and now it's like 10:30 and i don't want to clean. bummer. i'm not even going to advertise this on facebook because it's so boring.

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